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Trailer Park Trickster

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Trailer Park Trickster (2021) David R. Slayton (Adam Binder)

Trailer Park TricksterDo you know what I hate?


Do you know what this book had?

Yup. A cliffhanger.

Adam and Vic have had no chance to work things out, because Adam took off for Oklahoma in an attempt to save his aunt.

He didn’t save his aunt.

Instead, the warlock he has been chasing for years appears to have killed Sue, and the Other Side is in turmoil after the destruction of the tower.

Did I mention how much I hate cliffhangers?

I really can’t decide how angry I am at this story. Because I did enjoy it.

Until the cliffhanger.

There were even some fun bits!

“A teenaged elf, in your years, is an infant,” she said. “We are considered mature around one hundred and an adult at two.”

Vic whistled.

“What?” she demanded.

“That’s a lot of puberty,” he said. “I pity your parents.”

But… cliffhanger! I started reading this book on the same it came out, and I got a cliffhanger.

I mean, I like how complicated the family relationships were, I liked the actual realistic look at how poverty actually works.

They stayed behind their curtains, peeking or glaring, at least where their windows weren’t broken. The explosion had left more than one replaced with cardboard and duct tape.

And I really like VIc.

But: cliffhanger.

Publisher: Blackstone Publishing

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