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Death’s Rival, Audio Book

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Death’s Rival, Audio Book (2012) Faith Hunter narrated by Khristine Hvam (Jane Yellowrock)

Death's RivalVampires are getting sick.

Which is not something that should happen.

And since Jane put her foot in it by calling herself Leo’s Enforcer, she now gets to help deal with the vampire plague.

A lot happens in this book. Some of it Jane deserves (like the repercussions from calling herself Leo’s Enforcer) and some she didn’t (such as Rick’s reaction at the end of the book).

First, I get why Molly doesn’t want to talk to Jane. But the idea that Molly blames Jane for her sisters death is a huge problem. Because it wasn’t Jane’s fault–if anything Molly and her other sisters (never mind Big Evan) should have recognized what was going on. They didn’t, and that is NOT on Jane.

Second, the forced feeding and Bruiser’s involvement. Jane’s actions were about to cause a war. Was what Leo did terrible? Yes. But her stupidity in claiming a title that did not belong to her ended up causing deaths. Her place with Leo (and lack of blood connection to him) exacerbated the situation, and it didn’t feel like Leo had a lot of choices: Bind Jane or kill her. And killing her wouldn’t actually have solved the problem. And being mad at Bruiser for what he was forced to do was also a problem.

Thirdly, Rick’s reaction at the end of the book.

No, I don’t like Rick. But I feel like he was out of line calling her a bitch for thinking he had shot her. I mean, it’s not like Rick had been trustworthy in the past. And he was now working for PsyLed, a federal law enforcement agency that supposedly exists to protect humans from supernats. So, he might have been hurt, but that was definitely an overreaction on his part.

Fourthly, I adore that Beast was the one to win the battle.

Beast is best hunter.

Publisher: Audible Studios
Rating: 7/10


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