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Goblin Fruit

Friday, December 17, 2021

Goblin Fruit (2019) Celia Lake (Mysterious Charm)

Goblin FruitSet in England in 1924

Lizzie has taken a job for the ministry, hoping it will allow her and her sister to survive–especially since her work during the war hadn’t helped her to get any other jobs.

Carillon also does work for the ministry, and keeps a public facade of a rich and not to smart heir, to keep society from suspecting.

As with the previous book, I liked the mix up of history and fantasy and mystery.

Also as with the previous book, poor editing left me confused and sometimes thrown out of the story.

But my… associate wasn’t sure what it they meant it do.”

This one was on the first page:

He was one of half a dozen helper, sent from the auction house.

So it was aggravating to be thrown out of the story repeatedly, but it was better than the first book.

But this one had a couple other issues.

First, it brought up Lizzy’s family having a bad reputation, but never explained why. Also, her sister didn’t seem to have the same trouble finding a job that Lizzie did, which was confusing. We also had hints to problems with Carillon’s past, but neither of these things were explained.

I also frequently didn’t understand why some characters behaved as they did, which was also aggravating.

So, it was ok, but frustrating.

Rating: 6/10


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