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Monday, December 20, 2021

Hexbreaker (2016) Jordan L. Hawk (Hexworld)

HexbreakerSet in New York City in 1897.

Tom Halloran escaped the death of his family–and his own imprisonment–and became a city cop. But hiding the fact he is a witch is about to become difficult.

Hexbreaking was too rare a skill. If anyone found out, they’d want to know why he’d hidden it for all these years.

Cicero has been waiting for years for his witch to come, and the MWP has supported him, but is pushing him to bond–even if it’s not the perfect match.

“Forcing a bond is illegal, but it isn’t a capital offense. On the other hand, murder is. Any familiar who killed a witch to get free of an undesired bond would find themselves first in prison, then the electric chair.”

I’m still not sure why, but this story just didn’t pull me in.

Publisher: Widdershins Press LLC
Rating: 6/10


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