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Nearly a Lady

Friday, December 31, 2021

Nearly a Lady (2016) Alissa Johnson (Haverston Family)

nearly a ladySet in Scotland and England during the Regency.

Lord Gideon Haverston and his brother are discovering the full duplicity of their step-mother, as his brother–the new Marquess–tries to straighten out the family finances. Their most disturbing discovery is a young woman who was supposed to be the ward of their father.

Winnefred Blythe and her governess Lily Ilestone have been rusticating in Scotland and surviving on their wits and hard work. When Lord Gideon arrives, they (for obvious reasons) do not automatically trust him.

Being knocked unconscious by two small women was a degree better than being knocked unconscious by just the one.

I love everything about this story, from the meeting of main characters to the secondary romances.

And I adore Freddie’s practicality.

“What the devil would I do with a London season?”

“Find a husband, I imagine,” was Gideon’s reply.

It only served to mystify her further. “What the devil would I do with a husband?”

“Obtain long-term financial stability,” Lilly told her. “Something more reliable than sheep that can fall ill or crops that can fail.”

The other thing I really appreciated about this story was how it dealt with Gideon’s PTSD.

Gideon had made one promise and one promise only.

Never again would he be responsible for the well-being of another person.

In the two years since he’d left the Perseverance, he’d managed well enough. He’d sworn off marriage, bucked tradition and eschewed the services of a valet. He’d even refused to have live-in staff at his town house, preferring to eat at his club and relying on a maid to come during the day.

He wasn’t a hermit. On the contrary, he sought out and enjoyed the company of others. But at the end of the day, he had only himself to look after.

This actually allows the two to have a Big Misunderstanding that is based upon their histories, and makes complete sense for both characters: Freddie needs to be able to be independent and support herself, and Gideon has an utter fear of having dependents.

And I utterly adore the relationship between Freddie and Lily.

It wouldn’t be so dreadful, she thought, to wear something that felt like this. “Is it for London?” she asked.

“No, it is for you to wear here.”

She snatched her hand back as if she were burned. “You can’t be serious. We’ve weeks before we leave. What if I ruin it?”

“Then you’ll be publicly flogged and left to languish in the stocks.”

It’s such a lovely story.

Rating: 9/10


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