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Stranger in the House

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Stranger in the House (2019) Josh Lanyon

Stranger in the HouseI didn’t have this book, so I was surprised to realize I’d read it before. It was in Footsteps in the Dark: An M/M Mystery Romance Anthology which had stories from multiple authors I very much enjoy.

Miles has inherited a house–a mansion, really–from his godmother. Despite the fact she had two sons she could have left the house to.

So Miles decides he is going to move to Canada, live in the house, and become an artist like he’d always dreamed of doing.

The house is as he remembers–but also isn’t.

He had not recognized until that moment that he was uneasy—and was instantly impatient with himself. For God’s sake. Was he twelve or twenty-six? Then he realized that it would soon be dark inside the house and he did not know where the light switches were. He felt a flare of near panic.

The mystery was good.

The romance sorely lacking. Yeah, Miles had a crush on Lindley when he was a teen, but I just didn’t see the romance going anywhere.

Linley took a swallow. His eyes widened. He said admiringly, “That is truly terrible coffee, Miles.”

“I know,” Miles admitted.

“Possibly the worst cup of coffee I’ve ever had.”

Good mystery with a side of romance I would have been fine without.

Publisher: JustJoshin Publishing, Inc.
Rating: 6/10

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