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A Ghost of a Chance

Sunday, March 20, 2022

A Ghost of a Chance (2012) Josh Lanyon

A Ghost of a ChanceRhys Davies is writing a book on haunted houses while teaching a course in parapsychology at UCLA. After a rough break up, he ends up traveling to the home of Oliver de la Motte to study the abandoned–and supposedly haunted–mansion on his land, that had belonged to a magician who died more than a century before.

Unfortunately, the Oliver’s house isn’t empty–Oliver’s nephew is staying there and wasn’t expecting a visitor in the middle of the night.

I haven’t been in many fights. Not that academia isn’t a jungle, but generally we don’t end up brawling on the floor.

But Sam Devlin doesn’t want Rhys going into the mansion–and with good reason.

Originally the mansion must have sat several hundred yards from the cliff, but time and tide had done their work. The back porch stairs were now literally inches from the edge.

Unfortunately, this story lacks much of what I would expect of a Josh Lanyon story. I didn’t feel like either character had an interest in the other besides boinking, I didn’t understand why Sam was so opposed to Rhys going into the house, and I don’t understand how Rhys afforded to live in Hollywood on a part-time professor’s salary.

There were bits I liked–especially the conclusion, but I was expecting more.

Publisher: Just Joshin

Rating: 6/10


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