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Lessons in Trust

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Lessons in Trust (2018) Charlie Cochrane (Cambridge Fellows)

Lessons in TrustSet in England in 1908.

It’s been a year since Jonty and Orlando were involved in a mystery, and Orlando wishes just a little they’d fine one Instead, they’re in London and–worse–got their in Jonty’s new prized possession.

Jonty’s brand new Lagonda, or, as he told people interminably, his six-cylinder, twenty- horsepower Torpedo. It was black, sleek, shiny, beautiful, and Orlando hated it.

He knew it was stupid, feeling so jealous of a car, but jealous he was.

Within days, the two have two separated mysteries to unravel–the dead man at The White City, and the mystery Orlando’s grandmother had left for him after her death.

(T)he rector at the time had been an understanding soul and that the infant only having one parent instead of the requisite two would have been ignored. In old Mr. Jackson’s day there’d been some latitude in the use of the term widow.

They mystery of the murdered man is very much secondary in this story, but it did serve to portend the upcoming events that would soon throw the world into turmoil.

Also, the issue of Jonty’s sister seems to be resolved, in a sweet and compassionate way.

I had such a fright, you see, that first night. He was naked and I had no idea that men were made in such a peculiar way.

It’s another nice escape.

Publisher: Lume Books

Rating: 7.5/10


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