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Wrong Number, Right Woman

Friday, May 27, 2022

Wrong Number, Right Woman (2020) Jae

Wrong Number Right WomanDenny is not good at flirting. Or talking to women. What she is good at is being a fantastic aunt and helping her sister raise her daughter.

Eliza has had terrible luck dating, so her best friend and neighbor gives her a subscription to a new dating service.

When Eliza accidentally texts Denny about her dating dressing dilemma, Denny decides to help her anyway, and the two keep texting–soon becoming friends despite not even know each others names.

Eliza, Sneaker Woman finally answered. Eliza Harrison. I’m not giving you my middle name, because my mother’s already used it on me fifty-four times in the last hour.

It was a cute story, but once we got to the dating parts, I did a lot of skimming. Reading explicit ff sex scenes makes me even more uncomfortable than mf ones.

Once the two started seeing each other, there wasn’t a whole lot more to the story. Heather the neighbor was lovely, Denny’s niece was adorable, and Eliza’s family were the exact opposite of Denny’s parents.

So: cute but not something I’ll reread probably.

Publisher: Ylva Publishing

Categories: 7/10, eBook, Female, Good Cover, LGBT, Romance, Sexual Content

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