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All Systems Red

Friday, May 27, 2022

All Systems Red (2017) Martha Wells (The Murderbot Diaries)

All Systems RedMURDERBOT!

We’ve been listening to Network Effect and so I needed to start rereading the Murderbot Diaries.

After I secured the habitat, I went back to what was called the security ready room, which was where weapons, ammo, perimeter alarms, drones, and all the other supplies pertaining to security were stored, including me.

This book–this series–is just about perfect.

Yes, talk to Murderbot about its feelings. The idea was so painful I dropped to 97 percent efficiency.

One of the best parts of the world building is how sly it is about just how terrible the corporate rim is. Obviously Murderbot hates the company, but it’s the snarky comments that really bring home just how little life is valued.

SecUnits aren’t sentimental about each other. We aren’t friends, the way the characters on the serials are, or the way my humans were. We can’t trust each other, even if we work together. Even if you don’t have clients who decide to entertain themselves by ordering their SecUnits to fight each other.

Also, weirdly, Murderbot makes me feel very seen.

I was still watching them through the camera, because it was easier than looking directly at them.

And even the humans are worth paying attention to.

(“ I do think of it as a person,” Gurathin said. “An angry, heavily armed person who has no reason to trust us.”

“Then stop being mean to it,” Ratthi told him. “That might help.”)

And I’m already finished with the next book in the series.

Publisher: Tordotcom

Rating: 10/10


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