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Dark Queen, Audio Edition

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Dark Queen, Audio Edition (2018) Faith Hunter narrated by Khristine Hvam (Jane Yellowrock)

Dark QueenI’m having a hard time believing that I read this four years ago.

Obviously it’s true, but it feels both forever ago and far more recent. Mostly because parts of this book stuck in my brain.

And I still have problems with this story, although fewer now I’ve listened to it (as opposed to reading it, when I tend to read so fast I miss important bits).

I STILL have problems with Jane’s brother. That he wouldn’t check in on the possibility of another possible skinwalker? Considering his past AND his job? I just find it very hard to believe.

The stranger sat up straighter and tossed his tangled hair back. “Brother?” His voice was graveled with pain. “Not by blood. Mixed race black and maybe Choctaw. Not Chelokay.”

Though there remain bits I utterly adore.

“I have no way to properly toast you, my Jane. The appropriate toast for a new Blood Master of a clan is from the jugular of a virgin boy or girl, with the words ‘Long undeath, prosperity, scions, blood, and cattle.’”

I looked at my beer. “Yeah. Beer is better. And how about ‘Live long and prosper.’”

Leo gave no indication that he found me funny as he lifted his scotch in a toast. Eli followed the example, with his glass. I picked up the Mecha, holding it out and slightly up. Leo repeated my words, “Live long and prosper.” Hearing the Vulcan blessing from Leo’s lips was giggleworthy, but I managed to smother the laugh.

Leo drank and ate a few nuts. Eli and I followed his example. In companionable silence I finished my beer. Then Leo refilled the scotch glasses and pushed my second beer to me. Leo said, “However, I prefer QaStaHvIS yIn ‘ej chep.”

I stopped with the beer held in the air, ice water dripping from my fingers.

Eli said, “Klingon? You did not just say ‘Live long and prosper’ in Klingon.”

Plus, I always adore Beast.

Played for long time with Eli, splashing and ducking and dunking. Then swam to shore and shook water from pelt. Eli was cold. Left Beast lying onshore to put on human clothes. And to watch new helo-copter-bird that was landing. “I gotta take care of business, Beast. Talk to you later.” Eli went to nesting spot for metal bird.

I adore that she spent time playing with Eli.

Now I have to listen to the next book–because I know I missed a lot in that book as I sped through it. Then I’ll read the next book, finish reading the short story collection that came out, and then I’ll be ready for the final Jane book.

Oh–as always the narration was fabulous.

Publisher: Audible Studios

Rating: 8/10


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