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Color of You

Saturday, July 2, 2022

Color of You (2017) C.S. Poe (A Lancaster Story)

Color of YouI think I finally figured out why this is my least favorite story in this series. Although it has a mystery (good!) and I adore the characters (good!) the dynamic between the couple isn’t standard (good!) and the misunderstandings are … understandable, something has always felt off about this story.

I decided it’s because everything works out too well, too perfectly.

And the characters other stories appear, and it’s just… it’s a lot. And it makes it feel improbable.

That said, I do really enjoy the story.

“What’re the odds of me keeping all my fingers?” I asked Alan.

“I dunno. Have you used a hacksaw before?”


“Probably not that good, then,” Alan answered.

“Hey,” I said, flipping through the printed-out emails. “What’s up? These emails are from himself to himself.”

“Yup,” Stephen laughed. “He literally typed up a story and mailed it to himself.”

“From his school account,” I continued.

Publisher: Emporium Press


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