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The Wanderer

Monday, July 25, 2022

The Wanderer (2017) Dahlia Donovan (The Sin Bin)

After a hookup at his friend Francis’s wedding, Graham doesn’t expect to see the handsome rugby, but when the meet a second time, when Graham’s brother books him at the Inn BC inherited, he has a wonderful time–and then leaves in the middle of the night.

Graham isn’t a jerk, per se, he just refuses to fall in love or get into a relationship, because an incident in his past left him terrified to have others care about him.

I like both Graham and BC, even if they are both ridiculous.

“You have to be shitting me.” Graham couldn’t help the burble of mocking laughter that escaped him while he continued to watch the frantically gesturing former rugby player. “Are you actually telling me you’re afraid of spiders?”

“Kill. It.”

This is a surprisingly dark story, but one that addresses things I’d not seen before in a romance, which is some aspects of chemo that aren’t regularly discussed.

Sex had been non-existent since his chemo started. Not only was (he) too tired, but he also found he couldn’t perform.

The story is blunt about the various difficulties of cancer treatment.

Aside from losing his hair, Graham’s body suffered from other side effects. His skin grew paler, and his nails were brittle. They’d gotten lotion to help with his dry and irritated skin.

But also looks at the strain the diagnosis and treatment puts upon family and friends.

I’d be ever so grateful if you’d tell my bloody brother to bugger off. How can he not see why I might need a good laugh right about now without feeling guilty? I’m taking my decreasing chances of survival as seriously as I can. What does he want me to do?”

This is a romance, so you don’t need to worry that one of the characters dies, but it’s not an easy journey you take with them.

But it is a fascinating one, as the two come to terms with how cancer changed their lives, but also allowed them to stretch beyond what they thought they could be.

It’s really an excellent story, just be aware it takes a deep and unflinching look at what someone goes through with cancer treatment.

But, it also has some lovely bits as well, especially as the two use humor to deal with some of the hardest aspects of the illness.

Graham’s appetite hadn’t been stable since he’d begun chemotherapy. He did find it encouraging how the smell of eggs made him even hungrier. “Hand it over then.”

BC snickered at him before handing over the glass and shifting the tray further up the bed. “Try not to vomit on it— or me.”

Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing

Rating: 8/10


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