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For Better or Worse

Monday, August 15, 2022

For Better or Worse (2017) R. Cooper

For Better or WorseI reread the previous book, so I had to reread this one.

To this day he could remember the exact feeling of relief at discovering terms like demisexual and gray ace, and his immediate need to know more, and then still, always, that faint shame of not being what he was supposed to be.

Jimmy is just lovely, so it’s pretty easy to see why Javier would fall for him.

She’d been pregnant and alone and Catholic, Jimmy had explained to him, after promising his ex-wife he’d call her back in a few minutes. He said he’d done what any friend would do and married her so her family wouldn’t throw her out.

And I do enjoy the firefighters.

“Scotty says nobody needs smug straight people telling them what to do. How dare he call me smug?”

“How dare he call you straight?”

Javier tossed back idly, cracking a small smile at Tiny’s brief, bewildered frown.

Wrestling had never been anyone’s viewing choice before, which could not have been a coincidence. Javier hadn’t had the heart to tell them they couldn’t have picked a more homoerotic choice of entertainment in their efforts to make their heterosexuality clear.

But mostly it helps to read the ace bits.

Everything looks like friendly teasing if you don’t know what sexual tension is. I get confused.”

Rating: 8/10


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