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Broken Homes, Audio Edition

Sunday, September 11, 2022

Broken Homes, Audio Edition (2014) Ben Aaronovitch narrated by Kobna Holdbrook-Smith (Rivers of London)

Broken HomesA lot happens in this book. And there are a couple things I missed the first couple times through (mostly about the ends at the end of the book).

As always, the story is a joy.

I’d love to stick some high vestigia material into a mass spectrometer, but first I’d have to get myself a mass spectrometer and then I’d have to learn enough physics to interpret the bloody results.

Nightingale made an impressed murmur at the ease and speed at which the “film” could be manipulated. “Or is it called tape?” he asked.

I didn’t tell him that it was all stored as binary information on rapidly spinning shiny discs, partly because I’d have to look up the details myself, but mostly because by the time he’d understood the technology it would have been replaced by something else.

I didn’t bother calling Nightingale on the mobile I’d got him for Christmas because he only turns it on when he wants to call someone— the new technology being strictly there for his convenience, not anybody else’s.

Also, he added in some fun historical stuff.

“Nochnye Koldunyi,” said Nightingale. “A Night Witch.”

“Is that like a person or another thing?” asked Lesley. “Like Peter’s Pale Lady?”

“A type of Russian practitioner,” said Nightingale. “Recruited during the war, the training had a very narrow scope. It was concentrated almost entirely on combat. We heard rumors that there were whole regiments of women trained in this manner.

I love this series.

Publisher: Penguin Audio

Rating: 9/10


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