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The Other Side of the Roses

Thursday, September 15, 2022

The Other Side of the Roses (2017) R. Cooper

The Other Side of the RosesSami is content to live at home, while working as an aide in a nursing home. But he worries his family is disappointed in him.

“Maybe I’ve already met my future husband,” he lamented. “Maybe he said ‘There is Sami, who lives at home and works as an orderly,’ and he ran away, never to return.”

His aunt shook the cart until Sami had to stand up. “Maybe he said ‘Look at this kind boy who helps people abandoned by their families feel better’ and he went away to work on becoming worthy of you.”

When Sami runs into the boy next door, who he had a crush on all through school, his first action is to be kind.

His next action is to assume nothing can come of it, because Toby’s mother disliked Sami and his family.

“I hate you so much,” she said shortly, before hanging up again. Then she sent several texts. Ah the nghbr boy w/ the bitch mom. Ur family hates his family etc etc.

I picked this story up because one of the characters is on the autism spectrum.

Toby twisted his mouth in dissatisfaction, or embarrassment. “I forget sometimes, to say things. Small talk is difficult for me.” He made eye contact again. “I don’t want to be rude, so I’ve learned to ask.”

It was a cute short story, and it was nice to see the representation, but otherwise it wasn’t especially memorable.

Rating: 6/10

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