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Band Sinister

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Band Sinister (2018) K.J. Charles

Band Sinister
Why? Because I needed something I knew would take me out of my own head, and I do adore Guy.

“Oh dear God,” Frisby whispered. “Please get better. Please. I can’t do without you and you’ve got so much more to do, and I know it’s been— not marvellous for you but we’ve been happy enough, haven’t we? And we can do more. I’ll be braver, I swear, and you’ll put all the nonsense behind you. You’re so brave and so marvellous and so clever, and you aren’t going to let a stupid broken leg stop you, are you? Oh God, Christ, anyone, someone help us. Let her get better. Please.”

Philip’s candle had only been a stub. It guttered now, and went out in a soft sigh, and he stood in the darkness, listening to a sick woman moaning, while her brother wept because he loved her.

Plus, there are a lot of bits in here that reflect many of my own thoughts.

“What do you think your God gave us eyes for, and minds too, if not to look at things and think about what we see?”

Guy attempted to formulate an argument, and found himself struggling. “Then maybe people should do better,” he tried. “To be better.

We find ourselves on this earth with a capacity for reason and a wealth of history from which to learn. I believe we are obliged to think for ourselves, and reach our own conclusions about what is right and wrong,

“Glorious,” Philip said, shoulders shaking. “It takes a truly special gift to find indecency in flowers.”

“Not at all,” Street said. “They’re disgraceful things. Notoriously promiscuous with bees and butterflies.”

Publisher: KJC Books

Rating: 9/10


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