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The Monster of the Ministry of Hell

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Lady Mechanika Volume 7: The Monster of the Ministry of Hell (2022) Joe Benitez, Beth Sotelo, Michael Heisler

Lady Mechanika: The Monster of the Ministry of HellThat… was dark and depressing.

The story opens with Lady Mechanika’s memories.

They are not happy ones.

Lady Mechanika: The Monster of the Ministry of HellAlthough after the opening, we shift to a fun faire with Lady Mechanika, Dr. Littleton, Allie, and Fred, it’s still dark, as Allie immediately falls prey to her unknown ailment, and Dr. Littleton blames his past and his work for Allie’s illness.

Lady Mechanika: The Monster of the Ministry of HellBut that is almost nothing compared to seeing Lady Mechanika’s origin story, as she shares her earliest memories with Dr. Littleton.

Because that monster on the cover? That is Lady Mechanika during her time at the Ministry of Health.

As I said, it’s dark, and you know little good is going to come from anything, as Lady Mechanika eventually is removed from solitary confinement and placed into the girls dormitories–which is filled with other young monsters.

We get tons of foreshadowing, so I wasn’t necessarily surprised by all of the bad things–but there were plenty enough that were shocking (and upsetting).

monster of the ministry of hell 2And it ends on a cliffhangerish note, which we know I never love.

Especially since these are (understandably) slow in coming out.

Because now I have to wait another extremely long time to learn more.

Publisher: Image Comics

Rating: NR

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