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A Girl Like Her

Sunday, October 9, 2022

A Girl Like Her (2018) Talia Hibbert (Ravenswood)

A Girl Like HerRuth is trouble.

Everyone knows that. After all, the most charming man in town told them all about it.

And they beieved him, because he is rich and handsome, and she is weird.

Ruth had a policy, when it came to knocked doors: she didn’t answer them. She didn’t enjoy speaking to people willy-nilly. Anyone who wanted to see her could arrange it well in advance, preferably via text or email.

Being around people who were supposedly ‘normal’ made her feel abnormal.

Also, I really like Evan. What’s not to like about a metalsmith who is sweet and charming and cooks?

It made Evan uncomfortable, when people thought they ‘owed’ him. He didn’t do the right thing for credit. He did it because he had to.

Publisher: Nixon House

Rating: 8.5/10


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