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Damaged Goods

Saturday, October 15, 2022

Damaged Goods (2018) Talia Hibbert (Ravenswood)

Damaged GoodsThis novella is a sequel of sorts to A Girl Like Her. We see Laura’s redemption from Ruth’s enemy to friend.

Laura is pregnant and that has given her the strength to flee her husband, so she has come to the place where she once was happy to rebuild her life and herself.

But Laura was herself now, not some pathetic, wounded creature lashing out at anyone who passed by, wielding preemptive cruelty as a shield.

She of course runs into the boy she loved as a teenager.

“Just so you know,” Samir said, “I meant that in a good way. You know, like, well done! There’s a baby in there! Sharing your oxygen! You look great.”

Just to be clear, both Samir and Laura had objectively awful parents. And Laura was married to an abusive bastard, and some of that is discussed in the story.

Publisher: Nixon House

Rating: 8/10


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