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The Thursday Murder Club

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

The Thursday Murder Club (2020) Richard Osman (Thursday Murder Club)

The Thursday Murder ClubAt a luxury retirement home, every Thursday, meets the Thursday Murder Club, where the four members look into unsolved crimes and try and figure them out to their satisfaction.

There is Ron.

Back in the days when he was in the papers, they called him Red Ron, though everyone was Red something in those days. Ron’s picture was rarely in the papers without the caption “Talks between the two sides collapsed late last night.”


“Would you like the detailed answer, or the simple answer?” asks Ibrahim.

“The simple answer, please, Ibrahim,” says Elizabeth, without hesitation.

Ibrahim pauses. Perhaps he had phrased his question poorly? “But I have prepared a detailed answer, Elizabeth.”

Joyce, whose diary entries intersperse the narrative, and who joined the group after Penny’s stroke.

I have seen a lot of stab wounds in my time. My job wasn’t all sprained ankles. So I said then, well, she wouldn’t die at all. Which she wouldn’t. It wouldn’t have been fun for her, but it would have been easy to patch up.

And the (ring)leader of the group, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth put up more spirited opposition, mentioning that she still held a fully valid tank license. She really could play fast and loose with the Official Secrets Act at times. But in the end it all came down to this: Ibrahim was the only one who understood how the satnav worked.

I loved this story. I kept reading bits to Michael.

He looks like he smells great, but you wouldn’t really want to get close enough to find out for sure.

He had once read a headline about Diet Coke that was so worrying he had chosen not to read the article.

But there were also bits that struck me strongly.

You always know when it’s your first time, don’t you? But you rarely know when it’s your final time.

In life you have to learn to count the good days. You have to tuck them in your pocket and carry them around with you.

I immediately checked that I had the sequel.

Publisher: Penguin Books

Rating: 9/10


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