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Dead Heat, Audio Book

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Dead Heat, Audio Book (2015) Patricia Briggs narrated by Holter Graham (Alpha & Omega)

Dead HeatThis is my second favorite book in this series (the first being the previous book).

Max laughed. “That’s right, pipsqueak. Maybe if I didn’t like horses so much, Mom wouldn’t have married Kage. And then you wouldn’t even be around.”

“Yes, I would,” Michael answered. “Because Daddy says I’m his penance for past sins.”

He was twelve when he told us he liked boys instead of girls. That was right after some friend of his got kicked out of his home for doing the same. Stupid people tossing away the most precious thing God saw fit to give them, I say.

let’s just say my human family has a number of people who would bring up the ratings of one of those Dr. Phil analogues. Turns out I’m half-human, half-fae. My human half has nothing in common with either of the people I always thought were my parents.” He looked down at the floor and muttered, “I found it to be kind of a relief, really. Not the being-half-fae part, but not being related to the people who raised me? That was outstanding.”

Marsden put himself between them and his partner. Anna didn’t think it was a conscious move. But he positioned himself in such a way to let them all know that anyone who wanted to take a potshot at his partner would have to go through Marsden to do it.

Publisher: Brilliance Audio


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