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Stardust, Audio Book

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Stardust, Audio Book (1990) Robert B. Parker narrated by Michael Prichard (Spenser)

StardustTW: Horrible things are alluded to rather than spoken (written) directly, as fit the character to whom the things happened.

Jill Joyce–the famous actress who makes any TV show a hit–thinks someone is threatening her. But she is so over the top no one is quite sure if they believe her.

This is where Susan really starts to annoy me.

I was watching Susan. Her normal lunch was something like a lettuce leaf, dressing on the side.

I still however love the fun Spenser pokes at himself and the world in which he resides.

He had on a white shirt and black jeans and black cowboy boots and a black leather shoulder holster containing a pearl-handled, chrome-plated .44 mag, excellent against low-flying aircraft.

Jill Joyce is unpleasant and rude and thinks it’s ok to sexually harass men as a way to show her power over them. She’s also a drunk and you have to wonder how she’s managed to hold down a job.

Although Susan is starting to be annoying in this book, I still enjoy Spenser and I love the random bit that randomly appear.

It was as if he were a shattered cup, badly mended, with the shards of himself barely clinging together.

This isn’t a favorite, because Jill Joyce is hard to take, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good.

Publisher: Random House Audio

Rating: 7/10


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