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Board to Death

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Board to Death (2023) Cj Connor (A Board Game Shop Mystery)

Board to DeathAfter a failed marriage, Ben has returned home to Salt Lake City to help run his dad’s game store–which is currently making rent only because of their in-house cafe.

Only two or three customers lingered around that area midday, as it was now. More flocked around those tables in the evenings, when roleplaying groups came to host their campaigns or we held themed nights (or themed weekends, in the case of the infamous and only-once-attempted Risk tournament).

This book drew my attention because of it’s subject.

The Landlord’s Game was similar to Monopoly in terms of rules except in message. Even more notable, The Landlord’s Game preceded it. The purpose of the game, according to its inventor, was to teach children how corporate monopolies destroyed the markets and communities they grew out of.

My problem with the story came from the editing issues I kept coming across.

For example:

“And anyways, Tuesday afternoons are hardly our busy hours.”

“That’s implying,” I said, “that we have busy hours at all.”

… Friday nights were busy at Of Dice and Decks. Four of our five gaming tables were rented out…

Is the day Tuesday or Friday?

With an overcoat slipped on and car keys, I hurried over to the shop next door: McCaslin’s Flowers & Events.

I kept having to reread that sentence to figure out what on earth was happening with the car keys.

Despite the chill, a few ducks and geese hung around in the patches of grass uncovered by snow. Running helped to clear my mind, as did the chill November air, and clarity was what I desperately needed.

…We entered the store, the cool air-conditioning reminding me of just another thing Of Dice and Decks lacked.

Why is there A/C running in November when there is snow outside?

It was more a command, something you would say to a golden retriever. But we obeyed. Somewhat. Ezra and I both stared at the lone chair for a few seconds.

“What? Sit!” Ezra gestured to me and, not sure what else I really could do, I sat.

Ezra stared for a second. “No, you—” I tried to insist, but he squeezed my shoulder and sat me down in the chair.

I had a reread that several times as well.

The moment I stepped into that convention and was greeted with the nerdiest geek shops this side of Utah Valley, I’ll admit it.


“I don’t think you have it in you. I think you’d sooner apologize for running into a tree than kill a spider, let alone a person.”


Geek Chic was one of those stores where I avoided the whole Sugar House Commons, it was located in downtown, just because looking at it made me so angry.


I finished the book because I was curious about the solution to the mystery, but the editing issues made is a hard slog.

Publisher: Kensington Cozies

Rating: 5/10

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