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The Last Drop of Hemlock

Friday, February 16, 2024

The Last Drop of Hemlock (2023) Katharine Schellman (Nightingale Mysteries)

The Last Drop of HemlockSet in New York City in 1924.

Vivian enjoys her new job at the Nightingale–and even more enjoys making deliveries for the dress shop instead of sewing. But when Bea’s uncle, who had just started working at the Nightingale as a bouncer, is found dead and the death ruled a suicide, Vivian is again drawn into investigating.

As with the previous book, I liked how she worked details and elements of NYC in the roaring 20s into the story.

Those who couldn’t afford it had to leave their loved ones’ bodies with the coroner’s office, destined for a mass grave on Hart Island, where the unknown and unclaimed of the city’s morgues were sent.

“He probably thinks the police actually help people.”

“They do,” Vivian said, an edge of bitter humor to her words. “Just not people like us.”

But doesn’t let those details make the story too dark.

“Come on, you’ve got that look in your eye like you’re all jittery and mixed up inside. And I know you like to dance when you’re feeling like that.”

And I really do appreciate the details of that time.

“Are you sure it’ll be safe for us there?” Vivian asked as they climbed into the cab.

She was taken aback when Danny gave her a sour look, all his normal playfulness gone. “Why, are you scared of all the Chinese folks?”

“No, I just meant…” Vivian could feel her face heating. “We’ll stand out, is all. Two Irish girls in that part of the city are bound to attract some attention, aren’t we? And that’s the last thing we need right now.”

The mystery was a good one, and I didn’t expect the places it zigged and zagged.

Publisher: Minotaur Books

Rating: 8/10

Cover design by David Baldeosingh Rotstein


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