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Something Wikkid This Way Comes

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Something Wikkid This Way Comes (2012) Nicole Peeler

This is a novella set in the same world as her Jane True series, but with a different group of characters, and set in Illinois.

Capitola, Moo, and Shar are the halfling detectives. Normally, they only take supernatural cases, but when Capitola’s father shows up at their office with a priest and missing Catholic school girls, they can’t say no, so in shorter order they’re embedded undercover at the school.

One of the things I really really liked was that Cappie and Moo did not go undercover as high school girls. Only Shar, the halfling succubus was pretending to be a teenager, and that’s not an unreasonable stretch (Must be young and desirable to survive. I’d say pretending to be a teenager was par for the course, there.) And the positions that Moo and Cappie took were logical and reasonable and pretty good ideas, actually.

Like the Jane True series, there is boinking and nudity and stuff like that. Which is not my thing, but I do like her world building, and I very much liked the three characters in this story.

The only negatives were that I found some of the parts of the story towards the end a little confusing, specifically the parts relating to world/character building/traits and why certain details were missed earlier.

Not bad for three bucks, and I wouldn’t mind other stories with these characters.
Rating: 7/10

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