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In Camelot’s Shadow

Sunday, February 16, 2014

In Camelot’s Shadow (2004) Sarah Zettel

I originally picked this book up because I fell in love with the cover. This is one of my favorite book covers, ever. It’s gorgeous, it’s romantic, and it shows an active heroine not in need to rescue, but capable of defending herself.

Luckily, the book lives up to its cover.

When her mother was pregnant, Risa’s father made a deal with a magician to save his wife–when asked, he would give up his daughter is the magician would save the life of his beloved wife. Risa grows into a beautiful young woman who doesn’t understand why her father will not allow her to marry, for he never told her mother or her about the deal he made.

Also, there is Sir Gawain of Camelot, who wants to save Risa from the evil magician, but it is truly Risa’s story. And that’s what I loved so much–that in the time period and setting, we had a believable heroine who was able to defend and fight for herself, yet still a woman of her world and time.

(T)he Saxon’s cursing and the clash of metal and splintering wood masked the sof sound of her pulling and arrow from her quiver, and nocking it into her string.

It is just like a door. It is just like a quail. Breathe slowly. It is a deer. It is not a man. I am not about to kill a man.

Risa drew the strong back to her ear. She sighted along the shaft.

Risa is marvelous.

As a note, my grandmother also loved this book and this series, and we both waited impatiently for the publication of the fourth and final book in the series after Luna (for some insane reason) dropped this series.
Rating: 8.5/10

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