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Impulse Control

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Impulse Control (2011) Susan Bischoff

impulsecontrolThis is an introduction to Susan Bischoff’s Talent Chronicles series. It’s a self-contained story that gets you into the writing and the world, but is quite separate from the books (at least for now).

I’m a fan of short stories, and this one is very well done: it has world building that draws you in immediately and explains as it goes along. It’s complete and full story arc, but one that makes you want to know more about the world.

Ethan is a Talent, a teen with special powers who has been discovered by the NIAC and sent to a special school where he is forbidden contact with anyone from the outside world. He has spent most of his life there and unlike some kids who were discovered as older children or teens, has almost no memories of the outside world.

Because these teens are so isolated from everything else, they are very close with each other (helped by some of the powers different teens have), and Ethan has a sibling-like bond with Karen, who is the single person that kept him from being sent Delta facility (which is even worse than where they are).

This is a very good story, in a fascinating world.

Also, last I checked, this was still free for the Kindle.
Rating: 9/10

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