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Friday, October 24, 2014

Hypothermia (2007/2009) Arnaldur Indridson translated by Victoria Cribb

HypothermiaInspector Erlendur is given a suicide to clear—a woman who had been devastated by the death of her mother, and had a life–long obsession with death and any possible afterlife is found hanging in her summer home. Although there is no note, it is a fairly clear case of suicide—something all to common in Iceland (although many suicides just walk into the ocean).

Erlendur also receives a visit from the father of a young man who had gone missing many years ago, at the start of Erlendur’s career. His wife has died, and the man himself is dying, so he’s checking in (as he has done over the decades) to see if there are any new leads.

The man’s impending death pushes Erlendur to look again into this case, and also into two other missing cases that occurred at the same time.

Erlendur has had some changes in his personal life, with both of his children coming for visits now, and his daughter again trying to get clean. Unfortunately, her ideas of what might help her are problematic to Erlendur.

But in many ways, Erlendur remains the same.

It was getting dark, a reminder that winter would soon be here after the short, wet summer. Erlendu felt no dread at the thought. He had never dreaded winter as so many did, not like those who counted the hours until the days would start to lengthen gain. He had never regarded winter as his enemy. Time seemed to slow down in the cold and darkness, enfolding him in peaceful gloom.

We also learn more about Erlendur and the tragedy that shaped his life.
Rating: 7/10

Published byMinotaur Book


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