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Foxglove Summer, Audible Version

Friday, April 10, 2015

Foxglove Summer Audible Version (2015/2015) Ben Aaronovitch narrated by Kobna Holdbrook-Smith




I love this series, but I love Kobna Holdbrook-Smith’s narration EVEN MORE.

Peter Grant is somewhat despondent about the events that occurred at the end of the last book (not that he’ll admit it) so when two girls go missing, Nightingale sends him up to the country to make sure nothing supernatural was involved.

This is not a good place to enter this series, just so you know. We meet some new characters, but the events in previous books remain over Peter (and Beverly, and Nightingale, and Leslie) have repercussions that will be causing problems for awhile.

Several reviewers didn’t much care for the fact the major story lines (especially the faceless man) weren’t advanced by the events in these books, but I truly didn’t mind that. Peter is going to have slower cases, and not everything is going to revolve around the faceless man, and Peter does have to deal with his feelings for Leslie and many other things.

And despite so much being left of the major story arc, there was plenty of excitement, and Peter is continuing to learn, which (like it or not) is something he is going to have to do a lot of if he is going to survive a confrontation with the faceless man.

And there was plenty of snark and lots of humor, which is what I wanted most out of this story.

And, of course, Kobna Holdbrook-Smith.

Rating: 10/10

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