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Kitty in the Underworld

Monday, March 13, 2017

Kitty in the Underworld (2013) Carrie Vaughn

I still don’t like this story.

Rick is gone and Angelo is acting Master of Denver.

Roman has taken out one of the master vampires who was on their side, and everyone is worried that war is coming.

Meanwhile, Kitty gets kidnapped by a group led by an insane vampire, and instead of escaping when she has the chance, she stays.

I just have so very many problems with this story. First, they kidnap Kitty, then they claim they need her to voluntarily work with them. Besides the excuse of the vampire being insane, there is no reason they couldn’t have approached her directly for her help. The whole kidnapping and locking her up thing makes no sense.

Additionally, if a were is cut by a silver knife on an appendage, couldn’t they just cut off that arm or leg and survive? Why don’t they?

I just don’t understand why Kitty behaves as she does in this book, not at all, which makes it a frustrating read.

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