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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Stiletto (2016) Daniel O’Malley

I really enjoyed The Rook, so I was thrilled when the sequel, Stiletto, went on sale.

At first, I was a tiny bit disappointed that Rook Myfanwy Thomas wasn’t the main character, but she made a later appearance, and I came to really like the new characters introduced: Felicity and Odette.

It hadn’t always been easy, but so far, she had not caused any catastrophes, despite the fact that she was effectively masquerading as herself— a role for which she was not terribly qualified.

And of course the same humor from the first book.

“But where did you get my urine?” she asked.

“The Checquy has samples of everyone’s everything,” said Odgers cheerfully. “Remember, during your time at the Estate, they kept taking specimens of your every fluid and solid?”

“That was for scientific research!” exclaimed Felicity. “And it was years ago!”

“Would someone else’s fresh urine be better?”

“You’re getting a bodyguard?” Alessio asked Odette. “Why? Is this related to the fact that at the end of every day, you’re wearing a different outfit than the one you started in?”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” said Odette. “I haven’t been doing that.”

“Yes, you have,” said Alessio.

“I know I was distracted on the way here, but I’m fairly certain this is not the car I arrived in.”

“That’s right, Rook Thomas.”

“So… were we robbed?”

“No, but the deaths at the site have already caught the attention of the press. They’re hanging around outside, so we’ll have to go in the back. I thought a stretch limousine might draw some attention.”

“I suppose that makes sense,” said Thomas grudgingly. “Good thinking.” She sighed and looked at the diminutive and disreputable vehicle. “Where did we even get this car? Whose is it?”

“Pawn Thistlethwaite’s. He said we could borrow it.”

“Pawn Thistlethwaite came in this?” asked the Rook. “That can’t be right, I know what his salary is. Make a note, Ingrid, we should have him screened for drugs.”

“It’s his son’s car,” said the EA. “I gather his is at the mechanic’s.”

THAT bit cracked me up.

What I found particularly fascinating about this story was how the Checquy and the Grafters each viewed the other as monsters–the Grafters because of the changes they made to themselves and the Checquy because they were born strange and mutated.

What I LOVED was that these are strong independent female characters who are the starts of the books. The male characters are all supporting cast and none of them are male romantic leads (although there are occasional hints of romance). This is a fabulous book and a great sequel–I highly recommend both.
Rating: 9.5/10

Published by Little, Brown and Company

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