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Princeless: Make Yourself

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Princeless Vol 5 Part 1: Make Yourself

I am very conflicted about this volume. First, it’s only Part 1 (although it doesn’t say that on the cover). Second, there are 26 pages of ads for other comics. That made it feel like it was padded out with ads to make up for being split in half.

That didn’t particularly amuse me.


It had this:

And this:

Which pretty much would redeem almost anything in my eyes.

We also get to visit the dwarves.

The dwarves have a very interesting society, where the women are the warriors because the men are too busy being smiths.

We also learn more about Bedelia the Blacksmith, and get to meet her mother. And see that Bedelia has a very difficult relationship with her mother.

And Prince Devin has gained more companions on his quest to rescue his mother.

So it was interesting and parts were good, but I was disappointed in the number of ad pages.

Published by Action Lab Comics

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