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Flame in the Dark

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Flame in the Dark (2017) Faith Hunter

The third Soulwood novel finds Nell at the scene of a murder–a party where a vampire was in attendance and could have been the intended victim of the assassin.

Nell is still attempting to assimilate all the changes in her life: her work for PsyLED, her relationship with her family members who have remained with Gods Cloud (including her sister Mud, who seems to have the same powers as Nell), and her relationship with Occam, to whom she is attracted, but she knows nothing about modern dating and relationships.

“I’ve given you time to think things through and cement your position in the unit. I’ve done all the things T. Laine and JoJo said a cat needed to do to let you be comfortable with me.”

My eyes went wide. Lainie and Jo had done what?

“But I’m done huntin’. Done stalking. Done being patient. I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again. I want to take you to dinner, Nell, sugar. I want to date you.”

She’s also figuring out all the physical changes that came with the uses of her power in the previous books.

“Thank you for joining us, probie,” Rick said.

I didn’t much like apologizing for things I didn’t do on purpose. Traffic and sleeping and horrible work hours seemed good reasons to be late, but I wouldn’t say that unless pushed. And telling him I was late because I had to clip my leaves seemed . . . unnecessarily comedic.

I do like that as much as Nell has to adjust to her PsyLED co-workers, they have to made adjustments for her as well.

In front of each window I had planted a mixed assortment of plants, and we now had access to spinach and three varieties of lettuce, a dozen varieties of basils, mints, chives, thymes, and other edible herbs. Rick had grumbled that I was using the office as a greenhouse, and since he was right, I hadn’t argued. But I needed the fresh greens to offset the impact of fast foods on my system, and the others had quickly learned how to augment their own meals with the fresh stuff, and asked for tomatoes, cukes, and squash.

I also like the technology in the stories–both magic and computer tech, and that the issues we have remain a problem even with magic.

Clementine doesn’t like my accent.” Clementine was the name given to the new voice-to-text software, which was much easier to say than CLMT2207. JoJo blew a laugh through her nose.

“Yours and mine both, chicky. I think the designer was British and male. Black and female weren’t on his radar when he input his ‘regional pronunciation, intonation, and enunciation modulations.’” I held in a grin at the quote.

“Hillbilly was even less on his radar. Still, I think the new software is pretty good.”

As far as the story goes, a LOT happens here–I was surprised (surprised even) by how quickly things moved. But it was all good, and I was pleased that things weren’t drug out.


I very much liked this story, and if this is the conclusion to Nell’s story, I’m good with it. I am also delighted that this was not a boinking book *at all*. I’ve really enjoyed Nell’s story arc and character development, and am pleased with where she ended up at the end of this story.


If you haven’t read this series, I don’t think you want to start here, but if you’re looking for a new series to read, I can recommend all three of these books.
Rating: 8.5/10

Publisher: Ace

Categories: 8.5/10, Fantasy, Female, Supernatural

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