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Wings of Fire

Wings of Fire (1998) Charles Todd The second Ian Rutledge mystery finds Rutledge sent to Cornwall, to look into the deaths of a prominent family: a double suicide and a fall. Adding to the confusion, one of the suicides turned out to be a famous poet, O.A. Manning, whose poems of love and war and […]

Fleshmarket Alley

Fleshmarket Alley (2004) Ian Rankin As he slowly approaches retirement, Rebus finds himself pushed more and more to the sidelines. When St Leonard’s closes, Rebus and Siobhan are sent to Gayfield Square, where they didn’t particularly need another Detective Inspector. Siobahn is slightly better off, but her long association with Rebus can’t do her very […]

Let It Bleed

Let it Bleed (1996) Ian Rankin The book starts with a car chase–a chase Rebus wants no part of–that leads to the death by suicide of the two teenagers they were chasing. This is followed by the death of an ex-con who just got out of prison. Neither suicide makes any sense to Rebus, and […]

Cross Bones

Cross Bones (2005) Kathy Reichs There’s been a strange convergence of events that Cross Bones seems to have finished off. I finished reading A Short History of Myth and write my review, and then a group of friends starts discussing Easter and the events and the celebration and the meaning etc. Then I read the […]

Death Du Jour

Death Du Jour (1999) Kathy Reichs At the start of Death Du Jour Tempe Brennan finds herself searching for the dirt floor of a church for the bones of a woman who may or may not be a saint. She’s enjoying the historical archeology as a change from the murders, suicides and accidental deaths she […]

Wings of Fire

Wings of Fire (1998) Charles Todd Wow. Just like the first book, A Test of Wills, the second book, Wings of Fire was also quite depressing. Which leads to me to wonder: why am I surprised that a murder mystery is depressing? After all, the very premise of a murder mystery is that someone has […]


Shinju (1994) Laura Joh Rowland It’s 1698 and Sano Ichiro is a yoriki, or magistrate who is assigned the case of a shinju–or ritual suicide to two star-crossed lovers. Although he is pushed to close the case, something about the deaths bothers Sano, and he is determined to discover the truth of the deaths–no matter […]

Uniform Justice

Uniform Justice (2003) Donna Leon I really like Commissario Guido Brunetti. I like his sense of justice and fairness. I like his intelligence and wit. And I like his wife. In fact I think I wish I was Paola. A boy is found dead in the local military school, and it’s immediately filed as a […]

The Blue Girl

The Blue Girl (2004) Charles de Lint I love Charles de Lint. There is nothing he has written that I have read that I have not liked, and most of what he writes I absolutely love. Yet for some reason I was hesitant to read this book. Probably because the main characters are high school […]

Denial of the Soul

Denial of the Soul (1997) M. Scott Peck My introduction to M. Scott Peck was the abridged audio version of this book, purchased when I regularly listened to books on tape at work, and preferred non-fiction to fiction. I listened to it several times, but when I chose physician assisted suicide as my topic for […]