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Dark Queen

Friday, May 4, 2018

Dark Queen (2018) Faith Hunter


This is the culmination of several story arcs that have been going on for awhile, but especially the visit of the European Vampires to the US and their attempt to take over the US.

A LOT happens here.

And fair warning, multiple people die.

But so many things are resolved, I could actually be pleased if the series ended here, because things were wrapped up satisfactorily.

About the deaths–I am not pleased per se with the deaths, but I am not dissatisfied with them either. A lot of fighting happens here, and for all the important characters to walk away without deaths and serious injury would be utterly ridiculous. So kudos for Faith Hunter for being brave enough to kill off important characters.

That doesn’t mean there weren’t things that bothered me. There were lines that were funny, but didn’t necessarily feel as if they belonged in the mouths of the characters who spoke them. It wasn’t a huge thing, and it didn’t happen often, but some dialog did occasionally feel a bit off.

But there were a lot of touching bits.

I said, “I’m Jane Yellowrock, rogue-vampire killer. I am also Dalonige’ i Digadoli, Yellowrock Golden Eyes. Panther Clan, I think. But I’ve been gone too long.” I stopped sharply. When I spoke again, the words that came from my mouth were, “I am an orphan of time and place. I have no Tsalagi clan, not really. Not anymore.”

That is a reminder of why Eli and Alex are so very important to Jane, which has been an important part of the story for awhile now.

And there are also reminders that Jane has come far beyond what she originally was.

“You have taken a path through blood and death. Have you done so with honor? Have you been kind and compassionate for the lives of your enemies? Have you given back to the Earth for the blood you shed? Have you treated all of Nature with honor in all of your ways? Have you taken a path with respect for the Earth?”

I actually really like that question, and how it makes you consider various important things.


I had never been to sweat with anyone other than Aggie and her mother.

I thought Molly had helped Aggie One Feather heal Jane at one point.

Another point: I was initially very annoyed by the appearance of Aya, however, I thought that the explanation of why he behaved as he did ended up being well-done and realistic.

I’m not quite ready to give this a rating yet, because I’m still mulling it over, but I will say that I’m mostly pleased with how everything turned out.

Publisher: Ace

ADDENDUM the First:
From Shadow Rites

“I am Aggie One Feather. Welcome. Have you ever been to sweat before?”
“Witch version. Not Cherokee. We’ll work around it. What feels right from both practices, blended to help Jane. Yes?”

Aggie said, “You are pregnant. I can’t let you stay for a sweat. It’s bad for pregnancy. I’m sorry, but you have to go. You can’t stay here.”
“I wasn’t planning on staying the whole time. I’ll be in and out. Mostly out.” She patted her baby bump.

I suppose that technically Molly didn’t sweat with her, but it still feels like a continuity error.

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