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Fair Game, Audio Edition

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Fair Game, Audio Edition (2012) Patricia Briggs narrated by Holter Graham

I do like this series, and this book, even if this book has a serious lack of Asil.

Asil left Bran alone with his thoughts then, because if he stayed, Bran would argue with him. This way, Bran would have no one to argue with but himself. And Asil had always credited Bran with the ability to be persuasive.

Charles is struggling with the ghosts of the men he has had to kill in order to help the image of the werewolves now they are out of the supernatural closet. Bran doesn’t want to see anything wrong, but eventually sends Charles and Anna to Boston to help the FBI search for a serial killer–one who has been killing fae and werewolves.

What makes this story so strong is how terrifyingly realistic the reaction of people to the supernatural is. Even knowing what is going to happen, the end of the book is still shocking.

I still don’t love the narrator–it doesn’t help that we’ve been listening to The Rook and Stiletto in the car, both of which have amazing narration, but I don’t hate him. He does Charles very well–I just have a difficult time differentiating many of the other voices.

Publisher: Penguin Audio
Rating: 8/10

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