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River Marked, Audio Edition

Sunday, July 15, 2018

River Marked, Audio Edition (2011) Patricia Briggs narrated by Lorelei King

Mercy and Adam are getting married.

But Mercy’s mother is about to drive her over the edge.

“Butterflies and balloons,” I told Adam. “She wants to release butterflies and balloons. Two hundred balloons. Gold ones.”

“I expect she’s trying to get Monarch butterflies if she wants gold balloons,” Jesse said helpfully.

“Monarch butterflies,” said Adam. “Can you imagine the poor things trying to figure out their migration route from the Tri-Cities?”

“She has to be stopped before she destroys the ecosystem,” I told him, only half-joking.

Then there is the honeymoon, and, of course, Mercy gets into trouble.

“Yo-yo Girl?” I yelped. “Edythe is Yo-yo Girl? Yo-yo Girl sent us here?”

“Thanks for the surgery. That felt like the fastest extraction I’ve had.”

Gordon raised an eyebrow. “Do you find yourself saying that often? If so, I advise a different lifestyle.”

However, she also gets to meet her father (as a ghost) and finally discovers others like her.

Different is not worse. It is just different.”

As much as I don’t love the narration, it still kept me working so I could keep listening (I listen to audio books when I’m exercising or working; I have to keep exercising (or working) to keep listening.

Publisher: Penguin Audio

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