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Saint Peter’s Fair

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Saint Peter’s Fair (1981) Ellis Peters

Set in England in 1139

The Abbey is having it’s annual horse fail–Saint Peter’s Fair–and the merchants of the town of Shrewsbury are unhappy, for unlike the abbey, the town took damage the previous year when King Stephen took the town, and the Abbey takes the revenue and taxes from the fair rather than the town.

This leads to problems between the visiting merchants and the townsmen.

Several of the cooler-headed citizens had moved in, though cautiously, to try to separate the combatants, and talk a little sense into the furious young; and one or two, not cautious enough, had come in for blows meant for the foe, the common fate of those who try to make peace where no one is inclined for it.

As always, Cadfael is lovely and wonderful and kind, even as he is not quite what the more pious in the abbey would want.

“She is of great beauty,” said Cadfael plainly, asserting his right to recognise and celebrate even the beauty of women, though their enjoyment he had now voluntarily forsworn.

“Your health, brother! You, at least, are delivered from the greed for gain. I have often wondered, is there a passion large enough to take its place? I am still in the world myself, you understand.”

“I think there might be,” said Cadfael mildly. “For truth, perhaps? Or justice?”

It’s another lovely story, good mystery, and very light romance.


Rating: 8/10

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