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Midwinter Intrigue

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Midwinter Intrigue (2017) Tracy Grant

Set in Scotland in 1818

The 14th Malcolm and Melanie Rannoch book is a short story. It’s really an interlude between the previous book and the one that follows, that gets them from Italy back to Britain (in this case, Scotland).

It also ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, which isn’t my favorite, but I was able to immediately start reading the next book, so that wasn’t quite so bad.

Malcolm is called back to Scotland by his sister, because their grandfather is sick.

Strathdon was wrapped in a blue brocade dressing gown, but when he turned the light caught the gleam of a pristine white shirt and an immaculately tied cravat beneath. And glittered off the crystal of the glass he held, half full of whisky.

Malcolm stepped further into the room and surveyed his grandfather, suspicion beginning to take hold in his mind. He fixed the duke with a level gaze. “Sir? You look well.”

Strathdon’s eyes glinted blue in the shadows. “You sound relieved. And a bit suspicious.”

One of the things I particularly enjoy is that no matter how ridiculous some of the intrigues seem, we’re reminded they’re no more odd than the intrigues that went on at the time.

As I said, this ends on a bit of a cliff hanger, and isn’t really a proper short story, but is more of an interstital story, to get us from the previous book to the next.

Publisher: NYLA
Rating: 6/10

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