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The Rose Rent

Saturday, December 29, 2018

The Rose Rent (1986) Ellis Peters

Set in England in 1142.

The thirteenth Brother Cadfael mystery.

The young widow Perle gave her house to the abbey after the death of her husband and unborn child with the caveat that every year on St Winnifred’s day she receive a single rose from the bush in the yard.

But this year, someone has attempted to destroy the bush (and invalidate the contract) and a young monk is killed in the process.

Either this isn’t one of the better mysteries, or I’m not currently in the mood for this series, because rereading this took me a long time.

It’s not bad mind you, it just wasn’t holding my interest.

I did still find bits I loved, however.

“No one should take to the cloistered life as a second-best, and that is what you would be doing. It must be embraced out of genuine desire, or not at all. It is not enough to wish to escape from the world without, you must be on fire for the world within.”

“God forbid!” whispered Eluric, appalled. “God does indeed forbid,” said Radulfus drily, “that we should make more of our virtues or our failings than is due. More than your due you shall not have of, neither praise nor blame.

Publisher: MysteriousPress
Rating: 7/10

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