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Destined To Last

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Destined To Last (2010) Alissa Johnson

Set in England in ~1814

Lady Kate Cole is a stunning beauty. She also, unfortunately, has a reputation.

She was also, by all accounts, a woman so remarkably prone to accidents that it was generally considered wise to back away if she happened to be standing next to a steep hill, a large body of water, an open window, or any sort of material that might cut, discolor, burn, spill, break . . . It was probably best if one simply kept a bit of distance from the girl whenever possible.

For obvious reasons, I identify strongly with Kate.

Hunter has worked for the War department for years now, using the skills of his youth to break into locked buildings and rooms, but also to interact with the wealthy and educated.

But mostly he wants to accumulate wealth.

“I aspire to wealth,” he corrected, “and what it can acquire.”

“It can’t acquire happiness,” William pointed out.

“True, but insufficient amounts of it will certainly afford a man a great deal of misery.” Cold, hunger, and loneliness came to mind.

He is also ruthless, and has decided that he is going to have Kate Cole as his wife.

First, we learn in the beginning why Kate and Evie put up with Lizzy’s sass, and that the relationship is a realistic one.

Second, this bit was mentioned before.

“I came across Mr. Hunter on my return.”

“Mr. Hunter,” Lizzy repeated thoughtfully. “I do wish I could put my finger on why he seems so familiar.”

“As do I, but like as not, he simply resembles someone we’ve both met in passing…”

Also, I REALLY identify with Kate.

She didn’t at all care for the idea of being enemies, or even adversaries. Being openly at odds with someone made her distinctly uncomfortable. She preferred avoidance to active confrontation, even with the very few horrid individuals of her acquaintance.

If only I had amazing musical talent.

Publisher: Stonesong Digital
Rating: 8/10

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