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Fables Vol 17: Inherit the Wind

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fables 17: Inherit the Wind (2012) Bill Willingham, Mark Buckingham, Steve Leialoha, Shawn McManus

The North Wind is dead! Long live the North Wind!

That’s right, someone has to become the new North Wind, and the best candidates are the cubs.

Meanwhile, in the Land of Oz, Bufkin and several others are on the run from Roquat the Red. And now that Mister Dark is gone, the Fables are returning to the Farm, and–they hope–soon to Manhattan.

I love this series. I was worried when the Adversary was defeated that the series was going to end, or perhaps degrade. But it has remained enjoyable, and I have to admit that I all but tore through this volume to discover who would become the new North Wind.

But as with all volumes in the Fables series, there are plenty of side stories that wander to and fro, giving you glimpses into the many worlds of Fables.

As usual, the only bad thing is that I have to wait months and months for the next volume to be released.
Rating: 8/10

Published by Vertigo

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