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X-23: Target X

Monday, December 10, 2012

Target X (2007) Craig Kyle, Christopher Yost, Mike Choi

I really liked the X-23 comics, but for some reason had only read NYX and Innocence Lost. Target X is the same author and storyline as Innocence Lost. We see what has happened to Laura after her escape, and how she has continued to struggle with her training as a killing machine versus acting as a human teenager.

I possibly should have gone back and read Innocence Lost before rereading Target X simply because I had forgotten a lot about X-23. But that didn’t seem to affect how much I enjoyed this story.

X-23–also named Laura–escapes her handlers and is searching for a place to hide and perhaps attempt to become a normal teenager. Unfortunately, danger follows her everywhere, and she leans quickly that for her, no place is safe.

X-23–Laura–is really a heart-breaking character. She wants to much to be normal, but she was raised and conditioned to be a machine–a monster really. A soul-less killing machine (a theme that comes up later).

I really like this collection, and highly recommend it.
Rating: 9/10

Published by Marvel

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