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Kitty and The Midnight Hour

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Kitty and The Midnight Hour (2005) Carrie Vaughn

I’ve got the last Kitty book still waiting to be read, so I’m going to (hopefully) selectively re-read to get caught back up with the story.

It’s funny, I’ve re-read this before, but every time I forget precisely how complex the story and characters are.

After all, when Congress had trouble voting itself enough money to continue operating, how was I supposed to believe that this same government was behind a finely tuned clandestine organization bent on obfuscating the truth and manipulating world events according to some arcane plan for the domination of the minds and souls of all free people?

If vampires ever spend less time playing theatrics and living down to their stereotypes, they might actually take over the world someday.

Kitty, on the surface, isn’t particularly complicated–she’s a night radio DJ who accidentally starts a supernatural call-in show.

But under that are the pack dynamics, and how the man who is the alpha of her local pack dominates and controls his wolves, and how Kitty slowly escapes that control.

A thrill warmed me, a static shock up my spine. I hadn’t even touched her yet, but she was scared. Of me. I could breathe on her right now and she might scream. I narrowed my gaze and smiled.

This was why Carl got off on being a bully. This was how it felt to be strong.

And she takes a deeper look than most at the personal implications of being a preternatural creature.

“All the jokes about blood and the Eucharist aside— I can’t walk into a church anymore. I can’t go to Mass. And I can’t kill myself because that’s wrong. Catholic doctrine teaches that my soul is lost, that I’m a blot on God’s creation. But Kitty— that’s not what I feel. Just because my heart has stopped beating doesn’t mean I’ve lost my soul, does it?”

Odd how I forget those things in the intervening time between reads.
Rating: 8/10

Published by Grand Central Publishing

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