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Low Midnight

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Low Midnight (2014) Carrie Vaughn

Book thirteen and all that’s left is the finale.

This is NOT a Kitty book, this is a Cormac and Amelia book.

Amelia had insisted on putting magical protections on the laptop, a protective rune here and an arcane mark there. Cormac wasn’t sure electronics worked that way, that magic worked that way. It couldn’t hurt, Amelia had said. But it could, if it screwed up the computer’s inner workings.

We had electricity even in my day, Amelia had said grumpily. It’s all wires and power in the end. Making connections and letting in or keeping out energies that might be dangerous. Trust me.

His e-mail account had been strangely free of spam since he set it up.

This is quite different from the Kitty books, because Cormac is a very different character from Kitty. For example, he calls Kitty to let her know he is off to do something dangerous, but then doesn’t call her back to tell her he’s safe.

I’d want to kill Cormac.

I do like the back-and-forth between Cormac and Amelia.

You know, he thought to Amelia, nobody says spinster anymore.

Well, yes, certainly. Etymologically, the word was doomed, considering so few of the women called spinsters actually spun wool anymore. So what do people call unmarried adult women now?

Um. Women, he said.


That still amuses me.

Cormac still ends up dealing with shady characters, and I do appreciate this quick summation of Layne.

“Nice place,” Cormac answered. “Family farm?”

“Someone else’s family,” Layne replied. “I got it cheap in a foreclosure a couple years ago.”

Which was Layne all over, really.

Although this book is primarily about unlocking the cypher to the Book of Shadows Kitty got in the previous book, I do like the look at Cormac and Amelia and am glad it ended up being more than just a short story.
Rating: 8/10

Published by Tor

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