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The Tropic of Serpents

Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Tropic of Serpents (2014) Marie Brennan

The second novel in the Lady Trent series finds Isabella preparing to go on another scientific journey–this one to Eriga, where they hope to document other types of dragons.

The warnings delivered in my first foreword continue to apply: if you are likely to be deterred by descriptions of violence, disease, foods alien to the Scirling palate, strange religions, public nakedness, or pinheaded diplomatic blunders, then close the covers of this book and proceed to something more congenial.

This is a very fun series.

Being a recluse is not good for one’s conversational agility. I was accustomed to thinking over my words, revising them, and writing fair copy before sending the final draft of my letter to its recipient.

But the best part of course is the scientific geekery.

Mrs. Kemble was no resentful housewife; she worked alongside her husband, handling the practical matters of ordering and measuring chemicals, while he spent hours staring at the wall and chewing on the battered tail of his pen, mind lost in theoretical matters.

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE that she addresses the Elephant in the room in every single adventure book with female characters.

I must warn you that this inconvenient fact of our sex is one of the most vexatious aspects of being a lady adventurer. Unless you contrive to suppress your courses through pregnancy— which, of course, imposes its own limitations— or through strenuous exercise and privation, you will have to handle this necessity in many circumstances that are far from ideal. Including some, I fear, where the smell of fresh blood is a positive danger.

I very much enjoyed this book as much as the first. I just wish the library had the ebooks available for me to borrow (they only have audio books) so I don’t have to wait for the next holiday when someone gives it to me as a gift.
Rating: 8/10

Publisher: Tor Books


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