This is simply a repository for miscellaneous stuff

Morgantown things that are no more.

Odd stuff Pictures I've found, and pictures I've taken.

Quotes from various people, famous and not.

Various charitable causes I think deserve your support.

Results from the Presidential Elections of 1900 to present and 1789 to 1896. I was curious about third party results, and this answered my question, unfortunately the original information was in multiple tables, so I reformatted everything into one table so I could easily compare different election years.

A list of US States and the order they were admitted into the union.

List of US Presidents, when they were elected, state of birth, religion, etc.

Primary Election Dates and Results from the 2004 Election. I was interested in the relationship between say in the primaries and voting results.

The Muses of Greek mythology. I learned all the Muses for a Greek and Roman Mythology class in college, but had of course forgotten.

Tussie Mussies/the meanings behind flowers. Tussie Mussies, from the medieval tussie (knot of flowers) and mussie (moist moss used to keep flowers fresh) were popular during the Victorian era during which time all flowers had meaning, and where a lady wore the bouquet she received from her suitor had a message as well.

And the ultra geeky: my favorite Deep Space Nine episodes
and Firefly quotes