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Friday, April 12, 2024

The Ides… er… Books of March

Lady Ambition's DilemmaI read two just-published books this month; both of them were part of historical mystery series I had pre-ordered and was eagerly awaiting.

Both were well-worth the wait.

Lady Ambition’s Dilemma by Jane Steen is the third book in the Scott-de Quincy / Lady Helena Investigates series.

I was a bit nervous about this, once I realized a queer character was involved. I was really pleased not to see (much) homophobia and that the subject was addressed in a way that was appropriate to the time AND appropriate to the characters.

This series has done a very good job with rep, having a neurodivergent secondary character who is as complex as Lady Helena.

Jennifer Ashley‘s Speculations in Sin was also good.

Speculations in Sin

The author did something quite clever–two related novellas came out in the past several months, which put me back into Kat Holloway’s world and eager to read a new full-length book. I have series I love that I’ve fallen seriously behind on, as I’d forgotten details of previous books and hesitated to jump back in.

I read two more Shady Hollow books, which remain delightful, and then forced myself to stop. Sometimes when I read a series straight through, I get burned out, and these books are too delightful for me to let that happen.

Otherwise is was comfort rereads and audio books that would keep moving with tasks I wanted to complete.


Cold Clay



Audio Book

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