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Cold Clay

Saturday, March 2, 2024

Cold Clay (2017) Juneau Black (A Shady Hollow Mystery)

Cold ClayThings have been returning to normal in Shadow Hollow–until a skeleton is discovered in Cold Clay Orchards during harvest.

Vera Vixen manages to be there to catch all the details.

“Whatever it is, Vera, remember that I’m the one they called. You can observe from a distance, but don’t interfere. Understand?”

“Of course!” Vera nodded her head vigorously. She knew better than to step on Orville’s toes while he was working. She hated when other folks did it to her.

But as interested as she is in the skeleton, she is ordered by her boss to do a series of articles on the newest business in town–an etiquette school opened by a mink.

“?‘Grey’s School of Etiquette,’?” Vera read out loud. “?‘Now enrolling.’?” Fastened to the glass was a smaller sheet explaining that etiquette was an “essential art” and that students could sign up for classes in table manners, modes of address, formal dance, and more.

But when the bones are determined to be that of a female moose, the owner of the local cafe–and Vera’s friend–is in the picture as his wife had disappeared a decade earlier.

“She kept talking about places she wanted to go, things she wanted to do. None of them were around here, and none of them included me or our son.”

Like the first book, this story is delightful.

Characters: Vera Vixen, BW Stone, Lenore Lee, Joe Elkin, Joe Elkin Jr, Julia Elkin, Chief Theodore Meade, Deputy Orville Braun, Howard Chitters, Anastasia von Beaverpelt, Esmeralda von Beaverpelt, Edith von Beaverpelt, Lefty, Ambrosius Heidegger, Sun Li, Gladys Honeysuckle, Octavia Grey, Barry Greenfield

Cover design & illustrations by Perry De La Vega

Publisher: Vintage Crime/Black Lizard

Rating: 8.5/10


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